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Yoga – best way to keep your body and spirit united

Whether you are looking to lose your weight or want to build flexible and strong body along with better immunity and health then yoga is worth to give a shot. Many people think that yoga is limited to different types of asanas (pose) only but it is essential for you to know that it is more than that. Its benefits are not only limited to body levels but it can be felt in mind as well as in breath. Overall yoga helps the person to unite his breath, mind and body.  So, it is highly recommended to every person that they do yoga to remain healthy and best in their spirits.

All about yoga

When you do yoga, there is one thing that you need to follow strictly along with regular yoga and that is Yogic dietIn yoga diet there are many different terms that need to be addressed such as

  • It should be sattvic – in ayurvedic or yogic philosophy there are variety of foods, first is rajasic food which is spicy, hot bitter. This food can excite the passion and also over-stimulate the mind. After that tamasic food comes which includes the meat, garlic, tobacco, onion and more.

However, when you do yoga your diet should be sattvic that is known as ideal diet. It can nourish the body as well as maintain the body’s peaceful condition. This diet improves the overall health. In sattvic diet, you must include food such as milk, cheese, butter, vegetables, fruits and more.

  • Pure vegetarian – many people think that meat contains very high protein than vegetarian foods but actually it is wrong. Animal protein or meat contains very high amount of uric acid as well as other toxins that are broken down by liver and some of them are eliminated while others get stored in tissues and joints that can lead to problems such as cancer and arthritis. Meats also raise the level of cholesterol that leads to heart problems and other diseases. That’s why in order to keep away from these diseases it is strictly guided in yoga that person should stick to sattvic food.
  • Free of stimulants and chemicals – it is also guided that person shouldn’t make use of the artificial sweeteners, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and more. This is because these substances alter the mind and entire body and also effect the concentration level of mind
  • Regular intervals – it is good if you take the food at regular intervals. This is because when you take the food at regular intervals then your body will unitize the energy properly and maintain the level of calories throughout the body and allow the body to perform the tasks properly and without getting tired. Also, keep in mind that you should not take any food at least 2 hours before the sleep or exercise so that the body absorbs the food properly and allows it to be in the best shape.

Where to learn yoga?

In recent years it has been seen that people are getting very much aware about yoga and its benefits. That’s why, there is a very huge demand of yoga teachers in Thailand and moreover one can also earn very good amount of money by giving yoga training.

So, if you are interested to become a yoga teacher then it is best that you join Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand. There is 200 hours of yoga teaching program in which you will get to learn about the different forms of yoga and how to do it properly and in correct posture. You will get to know what diet needs to be taken and more.