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Which can Trigger your Conscience More: Paper or Foam Cups

If you are an office person then I am pretty sure, buying a cup of coffee to go is a daily habit. It is already common for employees to at least have a cup of coffee every day as this will keep them on their toes. Especially in the afternoon where sleep is always tempting you, a cup of coffee is the best solution.

When you say coffee to go, you will usually get a paper cup or a foam. Of course, you can’t do anything about this, whatever is the seller uses as you are just a customer after all. But then again, you still have the option which seller to choose, the one who uses a foam or a paper cup. For you to be able to choose properly though, here are pros and cons of each option:

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  1. There is no denying that paper can be the easiest options knowing that it came from trees and thus it is renewable while foams, on the other hand, are made from gas and petroleum which are not renewable. So in this aspect, you can say that the paper cup wins but note that this is not the only factor to consider.
  2. When it comes to the process of making both options, you can say that foams need less resources thus they can also be considered as more environmentally friendly compared to the paper cups as the less resources, the better option of course.
  3. The thing when you are making a paper cup is there are so many materials to use and one of them is the polyethylene plastic or wax which are actually a must for the item to be more effective. Because of such situation, paper cups might indeed be recyclable but quite expensive and most of the time, they just end up in landfills.

Aside from making sure that you can’t add to the problem of our environment, it would also be great if you can choose the best cup of coffee that can fill your stomach every day.

Do you know that Kafexpress is a provider of 100% Fair Trade organic coffee beans? That is right and if you are running your own office, they can offer you one of their Kafexpress vending machines. This is quite convenient in every office indeed as your employees will not need to go out that far just for a cup of coffee and it is even organic at that!