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How To Choose Your Wedding Cake Baker

You have got the ring on your finger, and the perfect wedding planning starts here. Everyone wants their big day to be picture perfect. Starting from the wedding destination to the wedding dress, everything needs a lot of planning, thinking, and a million other things. While there are wedding planners all around to help you make the big day even more special, certain things do require your attention. The wedding cake is something that is inevitable. With a hundred thousand options and a number of cake shops in Dubai, choosing the perfect one can be quite a task. Even before you decide upon the cake flavour and design, the first challenge is choosing the right cake bakers. However, there are certain things one can do to avoid the last minute hustle and bustle.

  • Start Early: The fact that there are a million things to be taken care of, it is always a wise decision to start, prepare and plan for time. Be it a small thing, pre-planning helps a lot. If you need an in-demand pro, start the planning at least 6 months before the wedding.
  • Enquire: It is mind boggling not to know where to start. With numerous options and choices, it is not easy to land on the right one. The best way to shortlist from the lot is to ask around. Word of mouth is the most powerful and reliable source of information. This is when relatives and friends come handy.
  • Talk to them: Once you have narrowed your search down, visit their websites. Get a glimpse of what they have got to offer, know about their styles, is it traditional, modern or whimsical. Talk to them about what you want and decide on whether the bakers match your needs. Don’t forget to ask them as estimated cost per guest.
  • Meeting: A personal connection and trust is a very important factor. Once you have talked to them and shortlisted them, the couple can give a visit to the baker and make things clear. Giving nitty-gritty details like the date, time and venue are crucial. Making sure that the baker is available is a safe thing to do, after all, it is your big day.
  • Taste the cake: Now that the search is further narrowed down, the next possible thing to do is to try and attend the cake tasting sessions offered by your baker. Fix a session and gave a great time tasting the exquisite delicacies.
  • Fix the baker: Now you have a good rapport with the baker, and you have tasted and agreed upon the baker, place the order. Your job doesn’t end there. The next challenge is choosing the style that goes along with your wedding dress and the wedding décor.
  • Style it up and size it up: Once you have decided the wedding décor and dress, choose the style you prefer. Be brave and try out new flavours and varieties. Now have a clear idea about the estimated number of guests and size it accordingly.

It is your wedding, and it is your cake. Relax and enjoy!

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