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6 cake shops in Dubai you must visit

Full of sweetness and love, cake is always the best kind of desserts to offer your guests, the best surprise for your friend’s birthday or an added décor for any occasion. With scores of cake shops in Dubai, coming down in favour of a single cake destination is quite difficult. However visiting the cake shops and just having a look at the wondrous delicacies can be so much fun and you cannot help but drool.

  • Magnolia Bakery: A beloved iconic New York City landmark, the Magnolia Bakery is one of the renowned and most visited cake shops in Dubai. The Magnolia bakery in Downtown Dubai, Dubai mall and in the lower ground floor of the Bloomingdale’s, the Magnolia bakers specializes in American desserts like the Red Velvet and banana puddings. Well known for cupcakes and cakes, the sweet tiny bites of heaven will surely make cake lovers go crazy.
  • The Hummingbird bakery: Home to one of the high quality American baking in Dubai, serving freshly baked cupcakes, cakes and brownies, the Hummingbird bakery is a must  visit cake shop in Dubai. Acclaimed for rainbow cakes and American cupcakes, the Hummingbird bakery is the best destination to box up the perfect gift for your loved ones. Located at mall of emirates, Dubai mall and city walk, the Hummingbird bakery is available for online deliveries as well.
  • G’s: With more than 100 items on the menu and over 50 signature cakes and desserts, made from the scratch every day, there is something for everyone at this boutique bakery. With great many innovations like the creamy cheese cake with layers of fudge cake and the Oreo cookie mousse topped with milk icing, the legendary cheesecakes makes the perfect gift for your loved ones and a feast for the eyes, making the destination a must visit in Dubai.
  • The Lime Tree café: The cool modern-rustic café with creative fares, along with gluten free baking, the Lime Tree café is well known for organic coffee, freshly baked cakes, Gourmet salads, homemade tarts, muffins and cupcakes. Devilish chocolate cakes, heavenly cheesecakes loaded with fruits and chocolates, the menu will make you drool. The scrumptious range of food products and a much loved urban décor, the Lime Tree café is one of the most visited cake shops in Jumeriah, Dubai.
  • The chocolate bar: An award winning candy store and a well-known bakery, the chocolate bar is known for the amazing desserts, cookies and cakes. With iconic delicacies like the chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream and berries, truffle molten milk chocolate cakes in the menu, The chocolate bar is definitely a must visit in Dubai.
  • WOW: Synonymous to the name, the items on the menu and on the shelves are sure to make you go crazy. The mouth-watering truffle cakes and caramel cakes are definitely a worth the money.

With great many cake shops in Dubai, a visit to any cake bakery can be impelling.

Author Bio: The best hangout destination to spend time with family and friends, G’s is one of the most inviting cake shops in Delhi. The scrumptious menu and the ambience, G’s is known for freshly baked in-house items.